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April is STD Awareness Month

As a leading provider of family-centered healthcare in CNY -- and proudly spotlighting our affiliate, ACR Health, whose mission and specialties include a wide variety of targeted prevention and sexual health services -- FCMG proudly supports the American Sexual Health Asssociation (ASHA) effort to bring awareness STDs. The following is an excerpt of information from ASHA. For additional information, we encourage you to visit, contact our colleagues at ACR Health (with offices in downtown Syracuse, Utica, and Watertown), or speak to your FCMG provider.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • There are 20 million new STI cases in the U.S. every year
  • The medical costs for these new cases are $16 billion
  • Adding the new cases each year with existing infection, there are an estimated 110 million total STIs among Americans

STDs are common, but people may not know they have an STD because many don’t have symptoms. But left undetected and untreated, STDs can cause serious health consequences. For example, chlamydia or gonorrhea left untreated can put a woman at risk for pelvic inflammatory disease, a condition that can lead to infertility.

This STD Awareness Month (2022), ASHA is drawing attention to the importance of STD testing. As part of this effort, we are promoting a new campaign — YES Means TEST. Having sex is a choice, and so is saying healthy. Saying yes to sex should mean saying yes to test! The only way to know if you have an STD to get tested. To learn what tests are recommended for you, you can talk to your healthcare provider and check out our testing page. STD testing can be confidential and free or low-cost, and common STDs, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea, are usually easily treated with antibiotics. For more information about STDs, YES Means TEST, or how and where to get tested, Join the conversation online with #YESmeansTEST.