• The SMART place
    to START practicing

Calling all Medical Students

Pre-med and medical school is behind you. You’re finishing up or have already completed your residency. And you are about to take that critical step into practicing medicine for the first time.

  • Where do you begin?
  • What’s the safe and logical path, that factors in your passion, your long-term career goals, the lifestyle you envision, and even your location, personal interests, and social life?
  • How can you be sure your very first post will reward you for all you’ve invested emotionally, mentally, and financially to get here?

FamilyCare Medical Group is a truly smart place to start!

With over 30 well-established and well-reputed primary care practices and specialist offices across beautiful and vibrant Central New York -- FCMG is a truly exceptional place to commence your long-awaited and hard-earned career as a physician!

We offer great benefits, a diverse workforce, an abundance of autonomy, and an astonishingly supportive environment – spearheaded and managed by a network of fellow physicians who are eager to welcome you to the practice, help you succeed, and mentor you. Plus you’ll experience world-class support when it comes to billing, coding, compliance, and other operational aspects of running a medical practice (much of which medical schools don’t ‘teach’ you.) And there are opportunities for career growth, advancement, and realizing the vision YOU had for yourself when you began this journey.

Why does FCMG give new practitioners a smart start?

Here are a few of the key advantages of joining FCMG. You can hear more about many of them directly from our physicians or by contacting us for a complete listing.

Guaranteed Income

All new graduates receive a guaranteed income for their first three years.

Sign-on Bonus

This, plus our guaranteed income should help you make a dent in any student loans you have!


When you become an FCMG physician, you are plugging into a network of truly supportive physicians and mentors who are eager to offer perspectives on everything from difficult diagnoses, to leadership techniques, to practical matters of practice management.

Office &
Operational Support

With help from our affiliate – Practice Resources LLC – you’ll experience optimum support in the complex arenas of billing, coding, information technology, compliance, human resources, and more – so YOU can focus on patient care.

Relationships With
Area Hospitals

Interested in hybrid opportunities like both inpatient and outpatient care? FCMG maintains meaningful relationships with the many hospitals in Central New York, including Upstate Medical University, St. Joseph's, Crouse, and others.

Personal &
Professional Growth

FCMG affords you both day-to-day autonomy and long-term opportunities for growth, including partnership track, work-life balance, among others. YOU provide the vision; WE’LL do our level best to help you realize it!

Note: FCMG is pleased to accept applicants with J-1 and H-1B waivers. Please contact us to learn more!

Why join FCMG after completing your residency,
in our physicians' own words!

We asked a few of the physicians who joined us most recently what they perceive to be the most important reasons medical students and residents should consider FCMG. Have a look!

Why CNY?

Central New York is one of America’s most affordable places to live, with a tradition of career opportunity, exciting entertainment and outdoor recreation, and an excellent quality of life. CNY is home to world-class shopping; scenic drives to quaint towns and villages; top-notch sports teams; incredible restaurants, wine trails, and craft breweries; sprawling parks and great lakes; an exciting nightlife in downtown Syracuse; and museums, performing arts, and festivals galore.


Syracuse skyline courtesy of John Marino


Affordability. Variety. Livability. Commutability. Is that a word? It is around here. From urban loft to village charmer, waterfront spread or cabin in the woods, CNY homes are rich in natural and architectural scenery. And with lots to do in every season and every neighborhood, it’s easy to make connections here.


Syracuse University Drone View by John Marino


A community is only as strong as its education system.

After all, today's students are tomorrow's leaders. You don't have to go far to find many of the best colleges and universities in the nation and award-winning elementary and secondary schools; in fact, you have an abundance of choices.


Green Lakes photo by Andy Arthur


We take our fun with a side of season, history and landscape. We're a diverse group with lots to do inside and out. Dine downtown in a courtyard under a summer sky, or stretch out on a blanket for an outdoor concert by the lake. See a touring Broadway show in a historic theater or take a hay ride out to the apple orchard. Around here, fun comes in many forms... and sometimes farms.


Photo by rachaelvoorhees


Our strength is in our people. Walk around Central New York and you're bound to meet someone from halfway around the world. CNY is rich with people from different countries, nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Experience them all in the area's diverse restaurant scene, its many festivals or just shopping at the grocery store.

Make a smart start of it:
Contact FCMG to learn more today!

After all you’ve done to get to this juncture, your colleagues at FCMG know how important your next step will be. We’re also genuinely convinced a conversation with our practice will be time well invested – even if you do not opt to join us! To initiate contact, fill out the form below or call 315.937.3242 to schedule informational interviews, and if things gel, a tour of our practice and beautiful region.

*Note: Rest assured, your information will be sent directly to FCMG’s partnership team, held in strictest confidence, and shared with no one outside of our practice. We will only use it to reach out to you to initiate contact.

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