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March is colorectal cancer awareness month!

  • A healthy, fiber-rich diet is one way to help prevent colorectal cancer.

Make colorectal cancer screening a part of your health regimen.

Whatever your age, race, gender, or level of physical health – you are at risk for colorectal cancer (CRC). In fact:

  • 1 in 24 Americans receive a diagnosis for this form of cancer each year;
  • over 52,000 will die from the disease;
  • and while incident rates have been dropping for people aged 65 and older, diagnoses for those under 50 have actually been rising about 2% each year.*

Fortunately, CRC is highly preventable with screening. It’s highly treatable when caught early. And there are a wide range of steps you can take to help prevent CRC in the first place. Talk to your FCMG health care provider today about your risk for CRC and whether the time is right to schedule a screening.

Source: American Cancer Society